2016 Competition Results


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Best Kept Plot

As the name implies, this is a competition for the plot that, in the judge's eye and belief, is the best on the Allotment site. 

This competition is designed to bring out the best in the plot holders as first prize is not necessarily for the tidiest, most regimental looking plot but will be awarded to the best all round allotmenteer.

We are lucky to have a judge from Sanders Garden World who is totally unbiased and sponsor the prize money.

Each plot is scored out of 40 points:-

  • 10 points Immediate Reaction
  • 10 Points Quality of Plants
  • 10 Points Range of Plants
  • 10 Points Other Features


The plots are judged as if they were all vegetables or all flowers. The judging in our case is for vegetables but there might be a slight leaning towards plots that have some complimentary flower planting but this would only come into marking under"range of plants". "Other features" can include labelling, support structures, etc.

1stD & L Rands £15 
2ndL & G Williams £10 
3rdC & J Robertson £5


Heaviest Potato Crop 

For this competition, the aim is to produce the heaviest crop of potatoes from six seed potatoes of a variety decided by the committee.

1st C Norton 55lbs £15
2nd A Bell 46lbs £10
3rd C Taylor 40lbs £5
1st L Williams 605 mm £10
2nd B Sone 590 mm £5
1st J Lawrence 340 mm £10
2nd L Williams 400mm £5